Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a healing art from ancient tradition.  Passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth, the art was dramatically revived in the early 1900’s by Japanese Master Jiro Murai.  Master Murai spent many years studying the ancient Japanese sacred writings, the Kojiki, and the resulting knowledge of Jin Shin Jyutsu was then given to Mary Burmeister, who was one of his two original students of the art. 

Jin Shin Jyutsu brings balance to the body’s energies, allowing the body to function better, feel better and heal more quickly.  Jin Shin (Jyutsu) is a helpful adjunct to western medicine, inducing relaxation and reducing the effects of stress. 

Jin Shin engages twenty-six energy locks on the body, pathways that feed life into our bodies.  When one or more of the paths become blocked, the blockage or stagnation will disrupt the flow and eventually disharmonize the complete path of energy flow.  Holding these locks in combinations can bring balance, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Learning Jin Shin focuses one in self study and self help.  In the process of  learning to ‘know myself’ one can learn from the body about tension and imbalances and begin to understand and use the process to restore balance. 

Jin Shin does not involve massage, manipulation of bones or muscles or use of drugs or substances.  It is a gentle art, practiced by placing the fingertips over clothing on designated locks, to harmonize and restore the energy flow.  This fascilitates the reducing of tension and stress which accumulate in the body through normal daily living.

For those who want to become actively responsible for maintaining their own health and happiness, Jin Shin is an excellent means to that end.  In dealing with stress, chronic or more recent health disharmonies, and for health maintenence and high energy levels, Jin Shin is a simple and powerful tool, available to all.  

I will be offering a Self Help Jin Shin Jyutsu Level I  class on August 18, 2012 from 9AM – 6PM.  For more information and to sign up please visit my website at: http://www.isabellehutton.com