Reflexology Unbelievers Line Up…

Mrs. Pringle (names have been changed), one of my professors at the Loyalist College in Trenton, Ontario, Canada was so enthusiastic about Reflexology that she incorporated a class in her business presentations. Just from my instructions, she had performed  Reflexology on her husband who had suffered from a chronic neck and shoulder injury for decades. After a series of sessions, his symptoms disappeared permanently with only occasional Reflexology updates.

  She had me teach Reflexology to a room full of unsuspecting students.  Most of them went along with it but one, Judy, who was overweight and defiant and sat through most of the class with her arms crossed in utter disbelief.  Meanwhile, Mrs. Pringle was busily taking pictures of everyone in class doing Reflexology on each other and unwittingly captured Judy’s rebellion on film.  (Perhaps you too can relate to her resistance as you read some of the stories I will share).  Mrs. Pringle gave me copies of the photos.  The photo of Judy’s mutiny is a treasured one to me as it epitomizes all the resistance I have felt from the strictly conventional world to something as simple as Reflexology.

 After class Judy came up to me and said “I didn’t believe any of that crap you were teaching, but when I got up to leave the room and was walking down the corridor, my one foot felt heavy, like I had a galosh on it.  It felt like I was dragging my whole leg.  It was so pronounced that I had my friend walk behind me to see if I was.  I wasn’t but it sure felt like it!  And my other foot felt like it was too small for my shoe” I said “Well, sit down.  You just had the one foot that feels too small for your shoe worked on.”  I quickly gave her Reflexology on her untreated foot.  “Now both my feet feel too small for my shoes!” she said.

Reflexology is a science that maps out the reflexes to the whole body on the feet and/or the hands.  By pressing specific areas on the feet/hands with your thumb or fingers, every organ, gland, and body part is affected.

Reflexology is a safe, simple and sensational, dynamic approach to glowing health.  We were not meant to live with pain or illness.  Reflexology is a total body massage therapy, not just a way of helping to find troubled areas in the body, nor just a hand and foot treatment, although it does that too. Keep in mind that it behooves us not to diagnose because…

1 – So many of the reflexes lay over one another that it is impossible to tell with 100% accuracy which organ or group of organs are tender or out of balance.

2 – It’s illegal to diagnose unless you are a doctor. 


William Fitzgerald, M.D. rediscovered this ancient oriental art in 1913. The hospital inNew England, where he practiced medicine used Reflexology exclusively with great success.  No pain pills, muscle relaxants or sleeping pills were needed or prescribed.  Unfortunately as time went on people started to take less responsibility for their own health, looking to the doctor and/or the ‘magic pill’ to cure their ailments after they had used and abused their bodies.  When antibiotics were discovered during WWII, they were considered a panacea for most ills and Reflexology, along with other natural healing modalities fell into disuse.  In recent years, the public has once again started taking responsibility for their own health. Reflexology has become more widely used and accepted as a form of alternative medicine. 

 So does Reflexology work?  Is it your turn to find out?